Club Cars

Each year the Maine3Railers offer a limited-production car that showcases different areas of interest within Maine and/or highlight Maine-based businesses.  These have always been sought after by operators and collectors alike, and have been a great success.

Here are our Club Cars from current &  past years. The cars are produced in limited quantities and  All cars are Sold Out!!! This said, it may be possible to find these cars at various train shows in the greater New England area. Good hunting!!!

2017 Wilbur’s of Maine Box Car – This car sold out at the Club, but is available as of March, ’18  at Wilbur’s of Maine ( Please check there.

2016 Renys Box Car
Renys 2017


2015 50′ Boxcar Showing Moxie Advertising
2015 Moxie 50' Box Car 2014 PS-2 Hopper in Belfast & Moosehead Lake livery         2014BMLPS2HopperPhotoSM1


2013 Depressed Center Flat Car with CMP Transformer Load  2013 Flat Bed Club Car

2012 #2 Box Car Maine Eastern RR 2012 Maine 3-Railers Club Car

2012 #1 Box Car Hancock Lumber
2012 Hancock Lumber Club Car
2011 Tank Car Downeast Energy 2011 Downeast Energy Tank Car

2010 Reefer Oakhurst Dairy 2010 Oakhurst Dairy Reefer Club Car

2009 Box Car B&M Baked Beans 2009 B&M Baked Beans Club Car

2008 Flat Car with Lobster Boat2008 Flat Bed Club Car

2007 Reefer Maine Lobster 2007 Maine Lobster Box Car

2006 Reefer Maine Lobster
2006 Lobster Reefer Club Car
2005 Box Car Maine3Railers
2005 Green Box Club Car